Our Practice

We’re Natchitoches’ Premier Family Care Practice.


No two people are alike, and neither should be their healthcare. We provide a plan for you and your family’s individual
needs from infancy to old age based on your personal situation and expectations.

We stock all common vaccinations for adults and children and provide wellness checks for all stages of life. We are
available for sick visits on the same-day in most circumstances. You will be seen by a licensed and boarded
physician–not a nurse like many “walk-in clinics.” An after-hours answering service is available during reasonable hours
when the clinic is closed. All care is personally provided by Dr Luster, one-on-one.

When hospitalization is needed, Dr Luster will visit you himself. Dr Luster has full admitting privileges to Natchitoches
Regional Medical Center. Our office is located adjacent to it for immediate access there when needed. He takes call with
other local board-certified physicians to care for his hospitalized patients 24/7/365 when he is unavailable.
If specialist care is required, we will coordinate it for you. Dr Luster maintains a network of similarly minded specialists in
Natchitoches and beyond to help.

We offer a complete range of Family Care


  • Sick visits. Walk-ins are welcome, call ahead or sign-in online to cut the wait.
  • Childhood Wellness Examinations
  • Childhood anemia and lead screening on-site (usually ages 1 and 2 years)
  • Childhood Immunizations (Insured and VFC)
  • Adult Wellness Examinations
  • Workplace Physicals
  • Hearing Screening
  • Vision Screening
  • LHSAA Sports Physicals
  • DMV Disability Plates
  • DOT Commercial Driver’s Examinations
  • FAA Pilot’s Examinations Class 2 and 3
  • Hypertension Screening
  • Comprehensive Blood Labs (through Quest Labs)
  • X-ray, Mammogram, Bone Density, Ultrasound, CT, and MRI (through NRMC)
  • Diabetes and Cholesterol Screening on-site in 10 minutes
  • Urinalysis on site
  • EKG on site
  • Preoperative Evaluations
  • Female Gynecological Examinations, including Pap Smear
  • Minor surgical procedures and stitches
  • Cryotherapy for early skin cancers
  • Hemorrhoid Banding
  • Online patient portal with secure access to your records and results

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